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Consultoría Política Investigación de Mercado Audiencia Tecnologías

Market Research:

Baseline studies on the creation of an institutional or corporate image.
Systemized advertising campaigns and creation of advertising lines.
Studies on the impact of advertising campaigns.
Direct advertising, direct mail.
Staff training through new communication techniques.
Training for users and consumers.
Customer satisfaction studies.
Research and impact of product positioning.
Approach to the product's current image in the market under study.
Omnibus survey on current market environment with the possibility of incorporating specific questions at the client's request.

Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are essential components to increase the competitiveness of organizations.
Identifying the needs and expectations of different customer segments is critical to achieving a high level of satisfaction.
Likewise, it is also vitally important that organizations monitor their quality management.
We can list the following types of customer satisfaction surveys:

  • Quality Management Studies: As a measure of the performance of their quality management system, the organization should monitor information on customer perception of compliance with its requirements by the organization.
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement of customer satisfaction.
  • Quality of Service and Customer Satisfaction Studies.
    Quality of services and products analysis. Development of quality and customer satisfaction indices. Specific indices in areas of interest. Gap between quality and satisfaction. Benchmarking of the quality of products and services.
  • Customer communication. The organization shall determine and implement effective arrangements for communicating with customers.
  • Customer Service Audit
    Customer Service audit studies. Mystery Shopper - Mystery Caller. Comparative analysis of own customer service and the competition's service. Customer service benchmarking.
  • " Status Diagnosis. Potential demand analysis. Feasibility studies. Econometric modeling of demand or consumption. Demand flexibility. Joint analysis of price-brand / price-product. Principal component analysis of products and services.

Institutional and Corporate Image:

Institutional and corporate image studies.

  • Corporate Image.
  • Building and strengthening the corporate image. Brand identity. Analysis of attributes. SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Brands and attributes mapping. Corporate communications and advertising consulting services.
  • Corporate Identity

Work and organizational environment research:

  • Work environment studies. Analysis of the staff's general attitude towards the company and the job. Degree of job satisfaction. Analysis of personal and Company development expectations. Diagnosis of internal communication procedures and organizational awareness.
  • General advisory services on the adoption of strategies and identification of specific measures.
  • Organization, management and evaluation of oral, written and television media coverage.
  • Public relations and mass media relations.
  • Special services in areas of advertising, social communication, public opinion measurement techniques, corporate organization, and others.

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