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IVR - Interactive Voice Response

Julio Aurelio S.A. is a pioneer in the application of IVR technology to automate telephone surveys.
These surveys are interactive voice recognition surveys. Interviewees interact by recording their own voice or by pressing the telephone keypad.
You set goals and we design a random sample with absolute guarantee of statistical significance.
We have a proprietary system called "Aresco Instant Research", designed, programmed and tailor-made by a team of highly qualified technology professionals, to collect process and analyze data obtained by telephone. This allows us to perform telephone surveys directed to any phone in the country or the world, either fixed or mobile, within a minimum period of time and accessible costs.
Aresco Instant Research allows us to analyze the data collected even while the survey is still under way. Frequencies, cross sections and graphics can be calculated and the results can even be visualized on a map, all in real time.
We have our own technology and telephony infrastructure of over 1300 telephone lines, which allows us to handle over 20,000 cases a day or issue more than 500,000 telephone messages.

Advantages of the system:

Speed - We significantly reduced the time needed to conduct a local, national or international survey from weeks or days to hours.

Cost control - By minimizing labor requirements we can keep costs accessible to our customers.

Flexibility - The client has a user-friendly graphical interface via the Internet that allows viewing and exploring results from any place, anytime.

Control - As the system is designed and programmed to fit the customer's needs, we can add or modify functions to meet the needs and expectations of every client.

Scalability - The system is designed to incorporate lines at any time allowing us to meet even the most demanding requirements.

CATI (Computer Aided Telephony Interviewing):

These are telephone surveys conducted by a human operator assisted by a computer to implement qualitative/quantitative or only quantitative studies. The participation of a human operator allows extensive questionnaires over time and/or focusing on individuals with specific profiles within a household or company. Operators are guided through a computer, where they can see the questionnaire and follow the structure of the survey step by step, recording the answers instantly.
The technology implemented by Julio Aurelio S.A. ensures the proper execution of the questionnaires, randomly rotating both blocks of questions and response categories to eliminate any possible bias.
The quota control is automatic and centralized. The recording and monitoring systems guarantee that operators work evenly and follow the guidelines established by the project director.

CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing):

These are face-to-face surveys where the interviewer has an intelligent device with a GPS (Global Positioning System) that allows the device to gather all or some of the questionnaire data. This information is verified and immediately entered into our servers.
The GPS coordinates and the date and time and duration of the survey permit supervisors to closely monitor pollsters and the correct execution of the sample.

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